Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Team Crushoots Tier Predictions

Well after a long a intense YCS the results are in. Judging by the Success of agents and plants, this is the list we feel will be, as of now, the most accurate tier list we will be looking at for the format before Photon Shockwave.

Tier 1
Tengu Plants
Gadget Xyz

Tier 2
D.D. Removal
Chaos Variants
Junk Dopple
Six Samurais(I am wanting to put these guys up in Tier 1, but they cannot compete with decks that drop 3-4 boss monsters)
Gladiator Beasts (these beasts will fluctuate for a while between Tiers)
Anti Meta Dragons

We feel these are the most accurate reflections for the YCS and how the tiers will stand until Rescue Rabbit and pals join us and Shooting Quisar Dragon. After, the tiers will shuffle again and new predictions will be made.

Thank you for reading. Stay sharp and Crushoot for game :)


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